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  1. Signing macOS packages

    As part of my ongoing project, the generated packages should be signed to allow easy installation. Codesigning a macOS bundle is easy in theory, but I got some weird errors.

    Arbitrary restrictions with paths

    % codesign -s KEYID --deep -v ImageDir/MyApp.app
    ImageDir/MyApp.app: bundle format unrecognized, invalid, or …
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  2. From Qt4 to Qt5

    I have a project where I need to build a macOS installation package. An additional requirement is to add a configuration utility built with Qt to the package.

    Qt used in this project is quite old, 4.5.x, but the Qt site contains an archive of the old installation …

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  3. Mardis Gras Beef Salad

    Just ate perhaps the best salad of my life, Mardis Gras Beef Salad, in Santa Fe restaurant in downtown Helsinki.


    • lettuce
    • marinated onions
    • olives
    • sun dried tomates
    • jalapeno slices
    • slice of pineapple
    • slice of watermelon
    • passion fruit, half
    • topped with sirloin steak, sliced
    • probably splash of vinaigrette

    Healthy and …

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